"Changing the way you see the night"

Sully's Landscape Lighting Design & Installation Garden lights St. Louis MO
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Lighting effects that create magic at night

Garden and pathway lights not only look great at night, but they also make sure that all intruders stay away during the night. A well-lit lawn or yard creates a magic that you and your loved ones will enjoy for days to come. We provide 1-year labor warranty on the work we do.

  • Garden lights

  • Spotlights

  • Wall lights

  • Floodlights

  • Underwater lights

  • Pathway lights

  • Decks and patios

Stress-free lighting by going LED & solar

The lights installed by our team not only create a magical night environment, but it also improved the value of your property. The LED lights eliminate a lot of complexity; they are safe and easy to install. LED lights are said to be the most efficient light source available. Along with elegant landscape lighting, we also provide holiday lighting services. Call us this holiday season and delight in the beauty of lights.

Exquisite beauty of lights

Sit back and enjoy the aesthetic beauty of lights. Call today!

With LED lighting from professionals at Sully's Landscape Lighting Design & Installation of St. Louis, MO, you don't have to worry about electrical hazards and bulbs burning out

in the dark.